Unconditional Commitment to Sacred Love

“For ‘Unconditional Commitment to Sacred Love’, Matthew Stone’s second solo show in Denmark, the artist and photographer combined purpose-built sculptures, manipulated lasers, and nude performance art to make mystical and mesmerizing photographs. The images, that look like ancient etchings, show models fanning themselves over his sculptures. Stone then moved the laser beams across their bodies to create a sketched light-outline, which is captured by long-exposure photography.

‘The black and white images are entirely lit with lasers. It was a completely different energy to the other studio photography I do, where the movements are much slower and more controlled. I was dancing in front of the camera with a laser in my hand. If I wanted to add emphasis to an area of the image, I would have to move the lasers around in that area for longer. You also see the movements of the people I was photographing. It was fun to have a naked laser nightclub in my studio,’ Stone says of the expo.”

‘Unconditional Commitment to Sacred Love’, 3rd August- 25th August 2012, V1 Gallery, Flæsketorvet 69, Copenhagen, Denmark

You can find more amazing photographic art by Matthew Stone here!

via Dazed Digital

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