Water-Activated Light Graffiti

“French digital artist Antonin Fourneau has found a way for the two to brilliantly cooperate. The artist’s interactive project titled Water Light Graffiti features a giant board embedded with thousands of LED lights that illuminate in response to contact with water. Essentially, the board is a life-size digital canvas and water serves as the paint. The truly undefined element is the paintbrush, which can be anything from a spray can or a sponge to your own soaked hands.

In collaboration with Digitalarti, a French team dedicated to promoting digital arts, and as its Artlab’s first resident, Fourneau has developed this visually stimulating project that blurs the lines between graffiti, painting, and technology. It allows anyone to become an artist and invites people to participate in producing public art. Water Light Graffiti was finally installed on the streets of Poitiers, France recently, where graffiti artists and pedestrians alike were welcomed to ‘paint.'”

via My Modern Met

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