The Road to Somewhere

“The Road to Somewhere: An American Memoir is a first book of photographer James A. Reeves . The back of the cover says, “A photo memoir of one man’s journey through America that is as sprawling and chaotic as the country itself.” Contains 55,000 miles and 416 colorful pages with a map and an index.
The Road to Somewhere is a bold visual testament to taking it all in, the heartbreaking grit of lonely motels, the inescapable allure of Vegas neon glaze, and the tremendous power of storytelling. In a time when so many invest in virtual relationships, this book is a celebration of personal interactions with strangers and a love song to the physical exhaustion that comes after hours of driving, when the road gets blurry and the voices on the radio sound like raw static.”
Reeves also has a blog Big American Night. where you can find more beautiful photographs.
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