One and two and up and down

“London-based, Taiwanese artist Ting Cheng created photo series One and two and up and down based on her own personal sense of isolation, alienation, and the need to escape. Her figures appear to be sleeping and floating — some contorted in impossible positions — or like fragments from a dream world posed amongst landscapes and intimate, contemporary settings. She explained more about the surreal imagery on website Imagery Dimension:

“When there is nowhere to run to, the best way is always to turn back to yourself and create a new reality within yourself; simply through the power of your own imagination. So I started playing around with things I found on the street, I used my body as a scale to measure landscape, and tried to oppose it against gravity. Thus, this series of photographic documentation was the tangible manifesto of my somewhat elusive state of existence.”

Visit also her website and Flickr page for more dreamy images.”


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