Beautiful Life

“For our 24th annual photo contest, National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 12,000 entries from 6,615 talented photographers in 152 countries around the globe. Using the power of photography, you shared your lives with us. Taken in locations ranging from Afghanistan to Vietnam, the winning pictures show everything from peaceful landscapes to unexpected moments. However, all of them depict the beauty of the places and people that make traveling memorable.”

First Place Winner: Butterfly – Photo and caption by Cedric Houin

Second Place Winner: My Balloon – Photo and caption by Vo Anh Kiet

Third Place Winner: Devotees – Photo and caption by Andrea Guarneri

Merit Winner: Looking into Another World – Photo and caption by Fred An

Merit Winner: Lost in Time – An Ancient Forest – Photo and caption by Ken Thorne

Merit Winner: Underwater Surf – Photo and caption by Lucia Griggi

Merit Winner: Bagan Bliss – Photo and caption by Peter DeMarco

Merit Winner: Old Men with Djellaba – Photo and caption by SauKhiang Chau

Merit Winner: The Village of Gásadalur – Photo and caption by Ken Bower

Merit Winner: Swimming in the Rain – Photo and caption by Camila Massu

Viewers’ Choice Winner: Huset – Photo and caption by Michelle Schantz

via National Geographic Traveller

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