Belle Époque with Monsters

“Turning penny postcards of erotic nudes into surrealist fantasies, artist and poet George Hugnet painted a magical series of strange creatures caressing sensual, young women more than 60 years ago that continues to astonish us today. The lecherous beasts that make up The Love Life of the Spumifiers wrap themselves around passive lovers like sci-fi film characters about to suck the life out of unsuspecting souls. In actuality, the spumifers are more gentle and cartoon-like than menacing.”

La Grouille Domestique “The Domestic Groddle”

Le Torindon à Rapières “The Rapiered Rottlebom’
La Mailloche Dorée “The Golden Meshlican”

La Dragoulette “The Dragolet”

La Roscote Givrée “The Frosted Quaggle”

L’Archigoulis des Étangs “The Pond Archgoolie”

Le Volusier Lubrique “The Lecherous Yackle”

Le Groupier des Forêts “The Forest Bandle”

La Gastrouille et la Roupaillotte “The Popkin and the Kipslop”

La Bisquelle Rieuse “The Laughing Duowatt”

L’Écoïabus des Ardennes “The Yorkshire Ecoyabus”

La Troublarde “The Spoiloid”

Le Grattecol Entêtê “The Stubborn Neckscroop”

Le Purlaine Orgueilleux “The Conceited Woolleton”

L’Oru-Boru à Corset“The Corsetted Oru-Boru”


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