Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

How awesome is this!

Thank you Indubitably jetsam for a great idea!!

“No, you’re not mistaken – I have indeed made a Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks clock!   I was inspired by this wristwatch, but that was a bit too expensive for me to buy and too difficult for me to make myself.

So instead I made this on a 20×20 cm canvas, onto which I decoupaged the clock’s face (the numbers and John Cleese’s upper body :P). For the clock’s hands I cut out suitable legs from this image and did a bit of photoshopping to improve the image quality. I then used a harder kind of plastic folder, onto which I decoupaged and afterwards cut out the legs. These I glued onto regular clock hands which I had bought (and later cut off so only the attachment at the top remained for adding the legs to the clockwork). I made a hole in the middle of the canvas, put in a clockwork, attached the hands — aaand done!
Things I bought:
Clockwork and hands
Decoupage glue and brush (and any other stuff needed for decoupage)

Things I printed:
Clock face with numbers and upper body
Legs for clock hands

Other things I ended up needing:
Plastic folder
Black marker (for hiding white edges)
Razor blade
Wire cutters
Small brush for touch-ups”


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4 thoughts on “Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Clock

  1. zookyworld says:

    Hot damn, this is cool.

  2. This is soooo cool and funny!
    Very nice one!

  3. DollTV says:

    Our Ministry of Silly Walks clocks will be available later this year:

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