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Medieval Cat Paw Prints

“Has your cat ever walked across your keyboard? Well, it’s not a new problem. Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel recently Tweeted this photo of a 15th century book with… you guessed it… cat paw prints in ink on the pages! We’re part of a long and glorious historical movement, friends.”

Medieval Cat Paw Prints



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We Are Moving

…and the most precious one is ready.

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Photojournalism of the Year

Finland’s finest photojournalism

The whole article HERE.

Loosely translated: Cat flew on a swan: Did he grab the feathers or scrached the flesh?

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Seven PsychoCATS

This is amazing! I think cats should take over Hollywood.

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Simpson the Gardening Cat

My cat Simpson loooves watering (and eating) the plants and herbs on our balcony. His favourite thing is to pour the watering can and watch the water trickle.

Photos by Riitta Sauramo.

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Ye Olde Animal Photography

Here is some amazing old style pet photography by Andrew Pinkham.


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Happy Birthday Simpson!

My cat had his 3rd birthday day before yesterday!



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Star Wars – The Cat Edition

May the MEOWZ be with you!



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I love these!

via Andrew Myers

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